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Borneo Tourism Board, it necessary?

Should the holding of a special agency in charge of tourism in the earth of Borneo? Let us explore together.

In the national sphere, Central Kalimantan province known as the Joint Forum which pioneered Revitalization and Acceleration of Development in Kalimantan (FKRP2RK). Dominant sector in efforts to accelerate development is infrastructure. As a pioneer for the forum, of course, heartbreaking story that the contribution of PRB Kalteng lowest third compared to other provinces, not an obstacle.

On the other hand, no less important is the attention to the tourism sector. The importance of the tourism sector due to two things, first the number of foreign tourist arrivals in 2010 will reach 1.046 billion people (WTO, 2008). Second, the widespread trend of special interest tourism model in the 21st century now, where elements of the feasibility of infrastructure, especially roads are nice, the availability of hotels, until the American-style service, to be not so important for the tourists are.

Tourism Attraction Kalteng
Central Kalimantan is known as special interest tourism paradise. Ecotourism (ecotourism) in Tanjung Putting National Park (TNTP), Sebangau National Park, TN. Bukit Baka in Kotim, TN. Bukit Raya with Lake Sembuluhnya in Seruyan as well as in several other districts, showed an abundance of special interest tourism attractions preparations that contain elements of education (Educative tourism) and natural adventure (adventure tourism) with augmentation quid or whitewater river cascade.

Not to mention the existence of cultural tourism (culture tourism) as attractive custom tiwah, Wara, or Ijambe that in fact can not be separated from religion tourism model (Pilgrim tourism). The existence of the old town complete with a bridge Kahayan Pahandut is clear evidence of the element of tourist cities (urban tourism) are not separated from the network of culinary tourism (Culinary tourism) with a typical menu of fish jelawat, Tapah, catfish, papuyu, presented in Palangkaraya city along the corridor .

Betang Konut in Joyless Kingdom, Rangan betang Rondan in Katingan Hilir, betang Damang Stone in Fall sapundu Anoi and heritage tourism is a fact of availability of the elements of archaeological (archeo tourism) that are part of special interest tourism.

Documentation Against 13 District 1 City
Photo documentation of activities of the attractions and sights are spread over 13 districts and 1 city in the province of Central Kalimantan may have done. But the question is, has published the results of such documentation through the medium of cyber space in tersruktur and tersistematis? In the world of modern high current, estimated at about 1.463 billion people (, 2007) which utilizes the Internet as their information dug material, and each year the percentage of users increased 305.5% / year. Trends search for information in the 21st century is terhubungnya individuals through virtual media. This is where the secret key to a strong tourism promotion should get more attention.

Results documentation of course not always be in printed form a kind of brochure or flyer that absorb the high cost. Documentation of professional photos if managed with a combination offer inter-regional travel package complete with tour maps and other supporting information are managed in a particular website, of course, will be able to cope with ingenuity Malaysia that had been the original claim Asia (through slogans Truly Asia) .

Making tourism website is not expensive. In fact, some consultants website creation service that I have come across suggests that, even a layman can make your own without having to learn complicated programming language specific, such as HTML, PHP, CSS and Javascript. It's interesting!

Kalteng Tourism Website
Ministry of Culture and Tourism of RI released the results of research that 56% of tourists who visited Indonesia after a look around Indonesian tourism sites through the internet (Depbudpar, 2007). Imagine if 1% of 1.046 billion tourists who have high interest against special interest tourism, the center looked at the search engines such as yahoo or google and type in keywords such as special interest, or ecotourism or more specific such as the Dayak of Borneo or the orang-utans, then likely candidates 10.460 million tourists who would consider a visit to Central Kalimantan.

But the problem is not that simple. On several occasions the authors try to use the technique of digging tourist information through the internet. The result? First, always pointed to his website Malaysia, both are always endless obscurity when incoming information through the "door" website with a very high traffic, such as

As a result fatal. As a foreign tourist who lay, of course tourism website offers of other countries who claim that the Dayak indigenous and native orangutans exist in their areas, would be very tempting. And so came and enjoyed the visit turned out to people who dressed and having a certain style of the Dayaks. Tourism artificial term. Similarly, special orang utan, clearly noted that the largest orang-utan population in Central Kalimantan (COP in Kompas, May 14, 2009). However, due to weak competitiveness promotion through internet media, then the millions of tourists who have visited Central Kalimantan, lost to another country.

Role of the Central Board of Tourism
Some destinations in Indonesia have Tourism Board which is under the authority of government and private cooperation. Take for example, Batam Tourism Board or the Bali Tourism Board (BTB), which has the authority to seek acceleration of the development of tourism in their respective regions. The central role of a Board of Tourism is an important bridge between government policy in the field of tourism with the aspirations of the tourism industry. The agency works to help promote and develop tourism in both the national and even regional level.

For the fourth Kalimantan province have the same constraints and problems, then of course the tourism development model which is co-operative in the province of Central Kalimantan, East Kalimantan, South Kalimantan, West Kalimantan will be very effective and important value. Here, the most ideal shape in the form of a consortium together in a container of Borneo Tourism Board (KTB).

Judging from the typical development of tourism in Kalimantan, the KTB will tend to be directed at the mission as follows: (1) Establish branding together to build global awareness about the culture, attractions and wonders of Borneo's unique, (2) Building a cross-sector communications and on cross-field province, with the primary mission of marketing and promoting Borneo as a leading tourist attractions; (3) researching and accurately identify the aspects of tourism markets and tourism product in a balanced (Between balancing supply & demand), (4) repositioning of Borneo tourism in national and international kontelasi , (5) structuring a domestic routes (one-trip journey) and create a climate of length of stay of tourists (length of stay), (6) Stimulate the giant investors in the tourism sector to invest, and (7) Maintain and monitor the quality of mutual attraction ( nature and culture).

The importance of Kalimantan or Borneo Tourism Board Tourism Board (KTB) has at least terwujudnyatakan through the utilization of internet information technology promotion in the short term, as well as the contribution of tourism human resources (human tourism), which has a high awareness of development and the Indonesian state of Kalimantan. Where, Kalteng supposed to be the pioneer of the idea of this body.

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