Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Warso Durian Farm

Visiting this durian plantation farm, unless you come in a big group, it is not in charge. You are free to come and go into the plantation area covering approximately 15 hectares with the family, to see different types of durian planted there. Approximately there are 800 trees scattered in various places with a durian plantation species dominate Monthong this.

If you intend to visit while enjoying durian directly from this garden, the harvest is a good time. December to May is harvest time with a peak harvest of durian in the January to March. My visit last August, tend to only see the tops of a lot of durian flowers scattered on the trunk. Some trees are still leaves one-two durian fruit, but it certainly will be far different view of the harvest period when you visit this site. From the number of flower buds on each stem spread durian tree alone is able to give an idea of how "excited" him later, when harvest time arrives. Like, where the eye could see that's where visitors will see the durian fruit is dangling tantalizing tastes. Do not worry you will fall while the location of the durian fruit, the durian fruit because if dangerous for visitors have been tied with rope.

To enjoy the durian which is on this estate, has provided special saung located inside the farm as well as those on the outside. Visitors can enjoy the fruit durian disaung dipetiknya this, of course, need to be weighed in advance to determine the price. Prices are set for each kilo of durian is for 30.000/kg. A price is quite expensive, considering that compare to the average price of durian Monthong diluaran range below 20 000's. But this did not dampen the fans to come and eat durian durian is diperkebunan this. Maybe, enjoys durian own choice results with other fans of durian fruit, giving a different atmosphere and more mainstream than the price offered.

Various varieties of durian grown on this plantation. Petruk, Lai, Simas, kaniau, Hepe, tunan, breadfruit, citokong, cane and basket, enliven the existing trees, with type Monthong durian (Thailand) which is the main and most variatas. Reportedly durian durian varieties Simas is a type favored by Bung Karno. This farm was prepared since 1980 and a new start in 1990 planted with different varieties of durian fruit.

Unmitigated, to be more serious in managing this durian plantation, Soewarso owner, chose to stay inside the farm. Now, what he started has become a reference for many others, both in the country and macanegara, in terms of development of durian.

To reach the location of this estate there are two choices of the road. You can through the City of Bogor to then ride the public transportation route Ramayana-Cihideung 03 majors. At the end of this common, with a little walk, you will get to Warso Farm which is characterized by very large statue of durian. Or, you can walk a path towards the exit door Ciawi Sukabumi toll. At the Caringin you just turn left and follow the only paved road that is up to this farm. Whatever your choice, both paths can be traversed by the various types of vehicle types. Smooth asphalt road which allows low bergardan vehicle (sedan) can get through it with ease. So if you are a fan of durian fruit, Warso farm is a place you should visit.

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