Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Prigen Safari Park: Recreation Alternatives in East Java

The peak of Mount Arjuna who was blue and covered with mist rising in the north. On the east, stretches of green valley with fields and rice fields and houses among trees. That's as far as the eye could see from Jatiharjo Village, Kec. Prigen, Kab. Pasuruan, East Java. A village developed into a tourist attraction which is interesting since the presence of Taman Safari Indonesia (TSI) in the region.

East Java community itself knows TSI operating since 1997 as "Prigen Safari Park." Natural wildlife tourist attraction "younger brother" TSI Cisarua Bogor, both established businessman Johan Manansang in a protected forest area of cool temperate.

In contrast to the TSI Cisarua Bogor which has been very popular and always flooded visitors, Prigen Safari Park is located on the main route between the city of Surabaya to Malang including relatively "quiet" visitors. On holidays, Prigen Safari Park, a distance of approximately six kilometers from the highway Surabaya - Malang westward it was pretty solid. But on a typical day, whether the street from the highway Surabaya - Malang and in locations which achieve the Safari Park-an area of 400 hectares was deserted.

Geographically, the Safari Park which is inhabited Prigen dozens of types of animals - especially protected animals - has a natural charm that is not much different from the Cisarua Bogor. For visitors Prigen Safari Park, both bring their own vehicle or ride public transport cars and motorcycles, will be able to enjoy the panoramic beauty of the highway from Surabaya - Malang to the protected forest on the slopes of Mount Arjuna.

Location Prigen own Safari Park, right in the waist of the mountain approximately 600-800 above sea level (asl). That's why Safari Park Prigen air temperature during the day was cool. That is why, the summit of Mount Arjuna is more often covered with fog, especially in the rainy season is wet.

Prigen Safari Park attraction has been felt, when the visitors had time to consider rustic along the road between the highway Surabaya - Malang to the Safari Park. On either side of the narrow road snaking up and down, people's homes seem shady by horticultural crop plants.

Almost in every village resident Jatiharjo yard, overgrown with fruit trees, like rambutan, mangosteen, mango and others. While the moor that looks fertile land overgrown with growing vegetables and verdant expanse of rice fields by rice plants.

Before entering Prigen Safari Park, visitors who pass along the unpaved rural road approximately six miles to find the arch-shaped gate elephant ivory. The gate at the entrance to his own nature wildlife park tourism, building shaped like a statue of the Egyptian Spinx. Behind the gate, which lies partly protected forests consist of pine plantation.

Visit Safari Park Prigen the day-to-day quiet, the tourists must pass through several checkpoints. For tourists who do not use private cars, manager of the Safari Park Prigen provide special transport vehicle that would take him around the garden past the lane roads throughout the protected forests.

The tourists are "adventure" at the Safari Park Prigen will be curious, because within two to three kilometers from the entrance gate is not going to see animals roam fiercely protected on either side of the road. After passing some iron door which is driven automatically, then the tourists can see animals that are grouped into several continents. In one sector of the rare animals are placed from the United States, in other sectors there are animals from Africa, Europe, Asia and others.

In animals sector from the United States, for example, visitors can meet Prigen Safari Park wolves, bison, bears, and others. In the wildlife sector, African origin, there are hippos, camels, elephants, giraffes, ostrich and so forth. Similarly, in the wildlife sector of Asia and Europe placed a variety of wildlife species that are rare and protected.

In the age of nearly seven Prigen Safari Park, the place of recreation and natural wildlife tourism that will further reveal its charm and increasingly developed into an alternative for travelers who stop to East Java. To reach the resort, in addition to relatively difficult, also needs a substantial cost. Nevertheless, the ever increasing visitor Prigen Safari Park, in addition to benefiting the protection of endangered species, will also impact the broader community who require alternative tourist attractions.

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