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GODDESS Statue Durga Mahisasuramardhini

Durga Mahisasuramardhini

Goddess statue from the temple Singosari DurgaMahesasuramardhini East Java

Statues relic of the past, the era of the kingdom of Hindu-Buddhist kingdoms in the archipelago figured not only displays the beauty alone. The many statues have meaning associated with the story of the history, legends, mythology, and religious elements contained behind the beauty itself.

Durgamahasisuramardhini which is a combination of the words Durga, Mahisa, Asura, and Mardhini. Statue of Goddess Durga has a lot of hands, more than 8, 12 or on some statues to 16. Goddess Durga is the name of magic or the wife of Lord Shiva, Mahisa is buffalo, Asura means giant, is Mardhini means to destroy or kill. So, Durgamahasisuramardhini means goddess Durga who is killing the giant that is in the body of a buffalo. Durga is the goddess of well-known figure in India, and also in the puja-puja in Hinduism. He is revered in the fall in the second half Asvina month in India's Northeast provinces.

Goddess Durga killer Mahisa (buffalo), the incarnation of asura (giant enemy of the gods who often attack Khayangan). Goddess Durga was assigned to dispel asura. Asura can reincarnate so many forms, such as elephant, lion, buffalo. Before the show its original form, realized with Mahisa (buffalo). After Mahisa killed speared with a trident, appears original form (asuras). Blossom out of the crown (head).

As the goddess is described being at war, armed Durga. Hand it to bring chakra and equipped by the god Vishnu. He also carried a long sword and bow with eyes dart. Front right hand pull the tail of the buffalo (Mahisa the dead). The left hand hair grab asura. Other hand bring Pitaka (the shield) and Cangka, made from shellfish shells of the god Vishnu. Durga is depicted in scenes of victory after defeating asuras that change shape like a huge buffalo.

According to Devi Mahatya manuscript, we are told that the gods at one time was defeated by the asuras or the giant under the leadership of Mahisasura. The gods begged for help of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu to be able to defeat and expel the asuras who had disrupted Khayangan. Hearing the events that befall the gods, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu became very angry with the asuras will act, so that from their mouths out flames burning. The flames also out of the body other gods. Strength flames illuminate all the corners are joined eventually collect and form the body of a woman who is very pretty and be the Goddess Durga.

Shiva gives Trisulanya, Vishnu gave Cakra, Varuna gave a Sangkha and Pasa, pearl necklace and a pair of underwear that can not be broken, Agni gave the spear, Maruta gave a bow and some arrows, Indra gave Fajra and Ganta, Yama gave Kamandalu, giving the sword and Kala shield, Vivakarma give a shiny hatchet along with weapons and clothes that are not penetrating weapon sirah, Himavat give a lion as a vehicle, giving Kuwera bowl filled with wine, and Sesa give a snake necklace is decorated with large jewels.

Through the Goddess Durga, the gods finally managed to beat Mahisasura by stepping on his neck. From the head or mouth Mahisa out the form Asura-giant and immediately killed.

Based on the background of these stories, usually depicted Durgamahasisuramardhini kill Mahisasura, with varying number of arms, stabbed in the neck Mahisa trident. He has three eyes, breasts, slender waist, and stood in the attitude Tribhangga, Jatamahkota hair, being portrayed in the form of buffalo Asura with blood running down his neck, lying under the feet of Durga. In some of his right foot statue of the goddess Durga is usually depicted above the lion, while his left foot stepped on the back of a buffalo, and lion claw depicted buffalo. In the temples, he usually occupies the niche of the north.

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