Monday, December 27, 2010

Edge tiles - Nirwana Beach

Above sea waves blue sky arches not weary hit reefs. Multicolored fish back and forth between the insertion reefs, crashing weak grass green. When the sun went close twilight, red-orange color greet the rest of the coast, raises flushed light sheen.
That piece charm offered tile Ujung Beach in South Coast, Sukabumi, West Java. For those who like tourist, do not compare tile Ujung with other attractions. But everything will be paid by natural panorama tile Ujung charming.
It takes patience to get to this beach. Prior to the coastal line, we have to go through winding roads. But when the foot stepping on the coastal line, the Indian Ocean waves ripple makes us forget everything. were spoken only words of beauty. coral reefs that lie along vast dazzling white sand that makes the heart fascinated by the elegance Edge tiles.
Coastal Edge tiles, it sounds weird and quite funny when interpreted in general. With a long coastline of about 16 km that leads to the West makes tile Ujung as the most beautiful sights along the south coast. Its beauty is not less than the Pelabuhan Ratu neighbors who had already known to foreign tourists. distance is about 220 km from Jakarta or 230 km from the city of Bandung. Many alternative pathways to get there. Public transportation is also available in adequate amounts.
In colonial times, tile Ujung serve as a dock for the Dutch ships which sailed in the Indian Ocean. When the Japanese ruling, Nipon army used it to transport natural result Sukabumi area. However, today the remaining debris. Only the sturdy wall breakwater and lighthouse foundation is still visible.
Apart from the rolling waves, rugged cliffs, and wide white sand that lie, tile Ujung also famous for its estuary. One satunva Cipanarikan Estuary. River Estuary is a meeting place which divides Cipanarikan Marga Wildlife Sanctuary Cikepuh with sea water. Before entering the sea, winding river water to form snake-like grooves that are running, thus forming a vast expanse of sand.
Estuary sand smooth Cipanarikan often become arenas of children's toys. They ran-larian or form a drawing or writing her own name. In this estuary there are many marine animals, such as crab, grouse, monitor lizards, and fish estuary. When we look at the beaches there are many common ornamental fish swim freely between the sidelines of the cliff.
Not far from there tile Ujung Pangumbahan Beach, where bertelurnya turtle. Usually turtles lay eggs that will rise kedarat at night to make a hole. Events bertelurnya turtle is a show that very long-awaited visitors. In this place there are four endemic species of sea turtles tile Ujung. However, their habitats are depleted, only the Green Turtles lay eggs more frequently encountered.
If you want to watch turtles lay eggs are advised not to make trouble, as this will make the turtles are reluctant to lay eggs. After the turtles lay their eggs, with a flashlight and stick hantuan we can dig a hole where bertelurnya turtle. The depth can reach 1 meter even more. In each nest, a turtle can produce 100 eggs.
Another attraction is the tile Ujung Seven Waves is located about 15 km from Pangumbahan. To reach Seven Waves can be reached by walking for 3-4 hours. Seven Waves one of the favorite areas of foreign tourists to surf because the waves are always a sequence of seven waves and high. Around seven waves there are several small islands that has a beach that is rarely touched humans.
There's more of other interesting tourist sites. Cibuaya is a very fitting place to bathe or swim. Cibuaya form a coastal basin with a depth of 0.5 meters anatra vary up to 6 meters. Inside there is also a beautiful coral reef. At this location we can enjoy the sunrise from the forest behind Cikepuh or sunset at the end of the ocean. For those who like fishing, Cibuaya is a very suitable place for fish, Snapper and Krapu dominated much of this location.
Edge tiles located quite far away, but the full beauty to make it so close.

Source: Magazine Travel Club

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