Monday, December 27, 2010

If Rote Island is on the Near Bali

Ships anchor off fast ferry from Port Tenau Kupang at 09.00 pm. But only about 45 minutes of sailing, in waters around the island Semau, the ship was rocked by a strong eddy currents swirling like a tornado.
Vortex that occurs because ocean currents meeting the Indian Ocean, Timor Sea and Sea MPA. That Pukuafu flow, ocean currents that have claimed many lives and property. Three years ago, a ferry dihempas Pukuafu, hundreds of passengers and cargo spilled into the seabed.
Although Pukuafu often make ferry passengers held their breath, for those who like adventure, rocked by the vortex of ocean currents nan exciting challenge. Especially after shaking off Pukuafu vortex, they are immediately treated to the charm of the beach is very beautiful Semau Island. Semau Beach is a steep rocky beach on the north and south. There is also atolls, coral islands set in a verdant mangrove forest in the eastern part of Rote.
Sailing is more relaxed when down the beach where there are new ferry ports, but not fast ferry boat docked in New Beach. After a half hour sail through the fierce currents Pukuafu, then along the beautiful islands in the southernmost region of Indonesia, the ferry will dock at Pier Ba'a, the capital of Rote Ndao.

Ba'a along the coast, mangrove forests spread like a green belt stretching, covering the island's landless lime. In certain parts, the green belts alternating with white sandy beaches and small hills like a mini island that juts into the sea. Atoll, atolls scattered here and there.
Atoll, atolls, like almost unbroken wave hit. Blow-waves make atoll atoll to be like an umbrella, look pretty, especially when the waves were forming a white foam around it. On the left side of Pier Ba'a, there is a shallow beach due to sedimentation processes that occur over hundreds of years. The beach was covered with mangrove seedlings.
While on the right, looks Cities Ba'a by sea back to shopping area. Faraway look Stone Termanu, beaches as well as small hills that form the promontory that reportedly save the mystery of the power of the island of Rote.
From Stone Termanu Rote Island looks very charming. On the left side of the hill Termanu with brown sandy beach, there are quite luxurious lodging. From this side, travelers can watch the sun sink intact with no barrier to the western horizon.
Chairman of the DPRD NTT, Ibrahim Medah Augustine, who is also son of Rote was, quite like watching "sunset" of this place. He is visiting the entourage that visited Rote last week, always make themselves watch the sun sink from Stone charm Termanu, every time a stopover in Rote.
Kuta his Rote
In addition to stone Terman, on the banks of Rote Ndao there are also famous beach down to foreign countries; Nembrala. Nembrala touted as his Kuta Rote Island, which has a stretch of white sand as far as the eye could see, to the east and west, even in the township is covered with coconut, white sand continues to extend.
Visitors will surely be amazed chuckle. Along the coast are now also has built hotels and restaurants, which mostly visited by foreign tourists, and few domestic tourists.
NTT Parliament delegation also stopped at the white sand Nembrala it. They witnessed a number of foreign tourists who were engrossed in surfing. Not far from the coast of a cruise ship was anchored and the crew enjoy the beauty of rolling waves.
More to the east, the charm of the beach more tempting. Bo'a name implies, the beach where surfers contest the mundane world to follow the international level.

Only about two-three miles of beach Bo'a, looking Ndana Island, the island is all sand, but the green, where a platoon of Army Navy Marines guarding the nation from the south.
In addition to the tempting white sand, the beach there is also Bo'a atoll. On the hill there are people even this was "Caucasian" to build the inn in the woods and if interested, can cross to the island Ndana, there were many deer are protected Timor, as well as the headquarters of the Navy guarding the nation.
Visitors also can go on an adventure to Oeseli, a distance of only about three miles from Bo'a. Along the road to Oeseli it, found many of the cliff is overgrown with dwarf trees, so that it looked like a bonsai garden, until finally meet Oeseli beach that has a large gate of the mountain rock.
Rock hill, forming a large gate for a peek southern region. Across the south Oeseli Ndana a fresh look verdant island. Ndana Island, is the southernmost island of Indonesia, the distance is only 70 miles from the cluster of Sand Island, an Australian territory.
In Oeseli, coral forests that line along the coast, reportedly became Rote where young people spend a weekend or fill in during vacations. "In Rote many beautiful places, unfortunately these places far away from Bali," said parliament member from Rote NTT, Somy Pandie.
Beautiful scenery, not only in Ba'a, Stone Termanu, Nembrala, Beach Bo'a and Oeseli, but there are many other places, both on the coast south and north.
A resident of Kupang, Stef Taluta, stating that beautiful beach is a boon buried on the island of Rote. If Rote is located near Bali, foreign tourists will certainly fight each other.

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