Monday, December 27, 2010

Paradise in Karimun Java

Hearing the beach and the sea, surely that comes to your mind is in Bali, but without us knowing there are many beaches and sea in Indonesia, which has not been touched by human hands nosy, and still maintained its continuity.
Karimun Java, with exceptional scenic beauty, and the sea and beaches which invite click amazed, presenting exciting nature tours of no less than the island of gods.
Karimun Java is a coastal region which consists of 27 small islands in the southern island of Java. The beauty of the Karimun Java makes this area be used as nature reserves or national parks are protected by the government.
Many people who want to eliminate the fatigue life of the city by visiting the beautiful beaches, Karimun Java can certainly be one option that fit perfectly. Tours are offered a special difference from other coastal tourism.
Sea Tourism
Karimun Java is suitable as a place to relieve stress, especially for you a true adventurer, because in this place a lot of marine tourism is very interesting to try.
Wreck Dive
For you fans of diving and has a soul adventurer, it is advisable to try to dive on this one. Various tension you'll find in an instant. When you start diving you'll even be greeted by a shipwreck that has long sunk below sea level. The atmosphere was very quiet and mysterious, the pillars of the ship looked rusty iron over time, and many coral reefs (soft coral) colorful exquisite struggling to survive and grow continues.
These wrecks visible split in two, like in the movie Titanic wreck the glory famous throughout the world. The length of the ship was almost equal to ferry boats in Indonesia. When making a diving and see the wreck below sea level, you will feel like Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey in the movie Fool's Gold when they search for treasure. Wow!
More interestingly, in addition to diving fun and conquer various challenges, you can also gain knowledge about Indonesia's history. It is said that a collier owned by the Dutch fleet sank in waters about 60 years ago. The story that circulated mention the ship sank because the captain thinks is the Java Karimun Islands coast of Semarang, Central Java. Basic beaches in the Karimun Java is relatively low making the ship ran aground and eventually sank.
Wreck dive on the island have Kemojan, one of the 27 listed at Karimun island of Java. Do not miss the challenges of this one, cause it's full of challenge!
Captive Shark
After passing through the tension Kemojan Wreck dive on the island, continuing to tour with a sailing adventure to the island that presents another strain will be the experience that is not less thrill. Want to know it face to face with sharks? Marine animals of this one was scary but never pass up this rare opportunity.
Menjangan Island has a captive sharks. It was very interesting to see sharks are known to be very fierce in front of our eyes. In fact not only see, for those who have the courage, try the adrenaline with a sharp-toothed fish swim with them. But do not worry, there are guides who will accompany you. For a moment you could be a friend of sharks. Very interesting is not chatting with these predatory fish.
Do not Miss It!
Many other activities can you do to fill the holiday in the Karimun Java. Try it yourself!
Sailing, water surfing and water skiing, contained in Karimun island of Java very much, you can choose one of the island to perform a variety of water attractions. Activities such as sailing, water surfing, water skiing and fit for trial. The satisfaction you get no less fun than other marine attractions.
Sunbathing on white sand, Do not rush to Miami for the sun! Enough to Karimun Java and you can enjoy the sunshine on the white sands while watching the spectacular scenery of this island.
Snorkling, For you lovers of nature under the sea, then the next must-do is the snorkeling in the area of the island famous for its coral reefs, colorful and beautiful fish that inhabit it
Durian Festival in January / March in Jepara
Vacation to Karimun Java, do not forget to stop by to Jepara, especially for those of you fans of Durian. Taste this sweet and delicious fruit!
How to get there?
From Hyderabad, you can use a bus that will take time for 1.5 hours.
From Jepara (Port Kartini) to Karimun Java, you can ride ferry / boat motors with long travel more than six hours. Transportation is only one time in a week (Monday).

Text: Danu Pratt (Contributor)
Photo: Bopa Dharmestio (Contributor)
Source: HERS Magazine

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