Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Samarinda Islamic Center

The building was built at a cost of more than Rp 500 billion this is a complex one that Mosque Islamic Centre is located on Jl Slamet Riyadi, Samarinda. The building of this mosque has a main dome and golden ornaments are very pretty. Source of design inspiration of this huge mosque comes from the religious atmosphere of the Prophet's Mosque in Medina who combined the artistic with the Great Mosque in Turkey. Prophet's Mosque in Madinah is known to have ornaments and calligraphy are pretty awesome. In addition, this historic building has a strong enough physical endurance because of old age, but still shows elegance. While the mosques in Turkey are known to have a beautiful artistic. Not only the form of ornaments that adorn the mosque only, but also the building shape.

Another specialty of this mosque is the use of granite in the main tower. This mosque was built with the finest quality materials which can last up to hundreds of years. Mosque Islamic Centre is expected to be a religious tourist area because it is equipped with 99-meter-tall tower that allows visitors to see the entire region from a height of Samarinda.

Samarinda Islamic Center complex built on approximately 12 acres of land with total building area reaches 50 thousand m2 and equipped with various facilities such as hospitals that are equipped emergency unit, kindergarten and elementary school buildings, even a Business Center equipped with a hotel, office complex, and shops that make this complex is claimed to be the grandest and largest in Southeast Asia.
Located in the village Karang Asam, Samarinda Ilir, Samarinda, East Kalimantan, this mosque has a main building area of 43,500 square meters. To support the building area is 7115 square meters and floor area of 10,235 square meters basement. While the ground floor of the mosque area of 10,270 square meters and the main floor area of 8185 square meters. While mezanin floor area (balcony) is 5290 square meters. Well obviously immense right?

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