Monday, February 28, 2011

Archeological Museum Banjarnegara

Archaeological Museum Located in the northwest of the temple Gatutkaca and is on the right path to the temple of Bima. Inside the museum is stored 100 pieces coming off the findings of the Dieng temple complex.

Findings loose form: statues, reliefs, and inscriptions of building components which are generally of andesite stone material.
Collection of statues that are stored there has its own uniqueness that is a collection of stone lions with different shapes and sizes, in one of India Kibat lion type mentioned here including Khummana Simha is to be sitting with both legs in front of him rose to the top. Usually placed on either side of entrance stairs, statues of Hindu religious deities like Shiva, Durga, Agastya, Ganesha and Nandi the vehicle of Lord Shiva is depicted as human-headed bull statue.
Riding Nandi not like riding on her neck.
Until now it is not certain of finding out which part came from. Visiting meseum can gain knowledge about ancient history and civilization of our ancestors past, also can be used for research.

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