Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Camera traps in Gede National Park Pangrangro

To reach the location Pangrango Gede National Park can be reached via the route Jakarta-Sukabumi with about 3-4 hours. Gede National Park Pangrangro still in the area of ​​Situ Gunung, Sukabumi. Gede National Park Pangrango defined by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve in 1977, and as Sister Park with State Parks.

And to know the existence of wildlife in Gede National Park Pangrangro camera trap method is used (camera traps). Where a camera trap has the advantage can record images of forest animals that activity on the surface soil but elusive directly.

Installation of camera traps should be planned in advance to determine the coordinates of the point where the distance between pairs of cameras on the ground about 1.8 km.

Gede National Park Trekking around Pangrangro done for the installation of the camera trap. For approximately five hours back and forth with the team from Peh of Forest Ecosystem Conservation and together representatives of CII, while trekking and talks about camera traps do not feel the time is running slow.

"The camera is usually mounted on the ordinary animal paths through, can be paired or single camera. Especially for the tigers used multiple cameras to track the signs of a special camouflage uniforms as identification, "said Athuk representatives of CII.

The camera is mounted with said Athuk tied around a tree. The distance from the face of the land around 40cm. Any type of camera used must be resistant to weather, the battery can work for 24 hours and lasting for a month. "The camera is also equipped with flash and can record thousands of images in which up to 2 GB of storage capacity," he said.

Athuk further explain the workings of the camera is based on motion sensors so that anything that moves in front of the camera will record whether it is animal or human. "Work is already helping our technology, which is important whatever type of animal portrayed should still be protected, should take the picture but do not arrest its animal," lid Athuk.

Already there are some animals that are captured by a camera trap, among others, leopard, tiger striped, wild pigs and so forth.

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