Monday, February 28, 2011

Candi Gatot Kaca Banjarnegara

Gatotkaca Temple This temple is located west of the Arjuna temple at the foot of the hill overlooking the western Pangonan, long ago in this location there are six buildings of the temple namely Gatutkaca temple, temple Sentyaki, Antareja temple, temple Nakula - Sahadev and temples Nalagareng, because natural processes only Gatutkaca temple that survived until today.

Looking at architecture in terms of Gatutkaca temple built after the temple Heroine, it is known from the way the ladder foot placement, the number of niches, floor plans and floor plans of building roof level.

Makara Gatutkaca Temple has a typical time in the form of a giant grinning face with no lower jaw.

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