Monday, February 28, 2011

Dieng Plateau Banjarnegara

Tourism Map Dieng Plateau Dieng (Dieng Plateu) is located in the northeast of the City Banjarnegara 55km, is the number 2 tourist destination in Central Java after Borobudur.
Dieng Plateau originally a volcano that erupted with a vengeance, now top of the mountain was thrown, stay now a plain which lies at the top of the mountain is better known as "DIENG plateau".

In the midst of the Dieng plateau before there is a place of worship and residence of Indonesia's oldest Hindu education. As a sacred building that until now can we see with the temples and ruins of the former monastery. Of objects we can see today, there are 8 temples.

Sikidang Crater, Crater The Bull, Crater Sileri, Candradimuka Crater, Lake Balaikumbang, Medada Lake, Lake Siwi, Dringa Lake, Lake Sinila, Well Jala Snooze, Goa Jumut, Gangsiran Asmotoma.

There are typically brought memories when visiting Dieng, among others:
Nuts Dieng, Carica, Potatoes, Asparagus, Mushroom and herb purwaceng Dieng as body warmers.

For local people, as Dieng often translated as heaven or place bersemayamnya the Gods. Indeed, tourism is promising mountain scenery are stunning. Expanse of teak forests, craters are still active, as well as the cool air makes memorable attractions area of peace and quiet.

Cool atmosphere Dieng Plateau is situated right on the border between the District Banjarnegara and Wonosobo. Dieng Plateau region's largest Banjarnegara district. It is the highest plateau in Java which is located at an altitude of 2093 m above sea level with an average temperature of 150 C. Another tourist attraction that can be visited for example the Pandavas Hindu Temple, Lake Color and Pengilon, Crater Sikidang, Semar Cave, River Springs Serayu, Merang Mushroom Cultivation Process, etc..

Geographically, the Dieng Plateau (Dieng Plateau) are located in two regions of Wonosobo regency and district Banjarnegara. Located at a height of about 2.093 meters above sea level, with daytime temperatures between 15 degrees Celsius and 10 degrees Celsius at night.

During the dry season, temperatures can drop drastically below zero degrees Celsius. The low temperature of the frozen dew. According to farmers Dieng, the crystals of dew which is often called the dew poison is not very friendly. Potato and cabbage crops were threatened if the dew comes malignant.

Dieng Plateau Area of 619.846 hectares, surrounded by mountain chains, among others, Mount Sumbing Sindoro, Mount Boat, Mountain and Mount Bismo Rogojembangan. The beauty of Dieng offers an interesting sensation. Believe it or not, visitors coming from the direction of Wonosobo can watch the sun rise twice.

Dieng sunrise given the nickname as a Golden Sunrise, with golden and silver sun sunrise, with silver-white color of sunshine. Appearance of the first sunrise, or Golden Sunrise, can be seen from the tower view at an altitude of 1.700 meters above sea level. This location before entering the village of Dieng. Who's second appearance, or Silver Sunrise, can be witnessed from the Hindu temple complex.

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