Monday, March 14, 2011

Demak Agro Tourism

Agro Tour This tour is a newly developed Demak regency government within approximately two years. Star fruit, guava and pink damask water images water into a developed agro-tourism mainstay in some areas. Among others, namely sub Singorejo, Betokan and Tempuran.

One of the attractive tour packages offered by the one-day tour of agro tourism. Only by releasing funds of approximately USD 50,000, tourists will get to enjoy various attractive fasiltitas Demak agro tourism.

On this tour, tourists will be treated to drinks such as guava juice or olive ridley welcome. It also can enjoy typical foods Demak derived from agricultural products.

The event will be followed by a tour around the village, enjoy a village atmosphere with the traditional transportation carriage. In place of agro tourism, you will be able to enjoy the fruits obtained from direct picking from the tree as much.

Package tours are usually crowded in the mid tahundan end of the year, around June and October. Agro tourism Demak has attracted visitors from various regions in Indonesia. And that certainly does not miss from agro-tourism package that is dipadukannya with religious tourism, pilgrimage to the tomb of Sunan Sunan Kalijaga and Fatah.

Interested in this tour package, invite relatives and friends along to enjoy the village atmosphere with its fruit gardens. This package is served at least as many as 30 people tourists visitors.

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