Friday, March 25, 2011

Pantai Pasir Kencana Pekalongan

Golden Sand Beach Tourism is a major tourist attraction owned by the City of Pekalongan. Located adjacent to the Fish Auction Place or Nusantara Fishery Port in the North Coast of Java, with the distance 4.5 km from the town / train station, this beach area is 3.5 ha. Sightseeing managed by the Office of Tourism and Culture City of Pekalongan, it opened to the public from 06.00 am - 21.00 pm. The facilities available are children's toys and playground, open stage, animal cages, benches and gardens to relax, food stalls, toilets and ample parking. Other Tourism around the existing Golden Sand Beach is the Crematorium, temples and ponds fish and Aquarium Fish in the Sea Fishery Port. Here visitors can relax while watching the sunrise / sunset, activities of fishermen and their boats, playing in the park, fishing, beach sports or just breathe in the fresh coastal air. Visitors are usually at most come on a Sunday / Holiday and Friday morning. Each visitor must pay admission at a price of Rp. 1100.00 (weekdays); USD. 1600.00 (Sunday / Holidays) and Rp. 2100.

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