Monday, March 14, 2011

Ranjeng Lake Bradford

Ranjeng lake, a distance traveled + / - 10 km towards the tea factory Kaligua. A protected forest with natural lake filled by thousands of catfish.
Ranjeng Lake, located in the Village Pandansari, District Paguyangan, Ranjeng Lake is a tourist attraction potential of water in the Bradford district.
Ranjeng lake which was built in 1924, is under the foot of Mount Slamet and is part of the conservation areas owned Perhutani East Pekalongan. The nature reserve has an area of ​​forty-eight and a half hectares, consisting of resin and pine forests surrounding the lake, which was formerly a royal bathing leaders in Java.
The attraction of Lake Ranjeng is the cool mountain air, protected forests, nature reserves, and there are thousands and thousands of catfish are benign and are considered sacred, which is considered as residents of the lake.
It is said that catfish Lake Ranjeng watchman who has a depth of three meters, just to be invited to play games and not allowed to be taken even if only one tail.
Lake watchman told once there was a tourist who tried to pick it up at home but that person then ill are recovering after returning to the Lake Ranjeng catfish.
Whether or not the story, that certainly is an asset Ranjeng Lake tourist attraction that has required the participation of local communities and government to develop the place.

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