Monday, March 14, 2011

Reservoir Penjalin Bradford

Penjalin Reservoir has an area of ​​1.25 km2 and 9.5 million m3 of fill, located amidst Winduaji village, 2.4 km to the south of the capital of the District Paguyangan. From the capital of the district to the south majors Navan, then to turn right onto Village Winduaji reservoir location. From the city Paguyangan distance of 6 km, 12 km from the city Bumiayu. Meanwhile, 30 km from Purwokerto. Penjalin Reservoir is located the border district of Banyumas and Brebes.
Reservoir was built in 1930 by the Dutch colonial government in conjunction with Malahayu Reservoir. The water reservoir was prepared to supply irrigation Pemali River bottom and rice fields. Penjalin in Javanese language means rattan.
In the face of this reservoir there dike with a height of 16 m, width 4 m, and length of 850 m. Circumference of the reservoir surrounded by dukuh Mungguhan, Keser Kulon, Kali Garung, Kedung Great, Soka, Karangsempu, Pecikalan, and Karangnangka. While in the east which is the levee and the gate of the reservoir is the Middle Keser hamlet.
Residents around the use of natural resources around the reservoir as a place to earn a living, among other fishing, keep floating cages, and at widths residents renting a boat for water recreation around the reservoir. Now, the reservoir was widely used in the city for a vacation and relax as visitors from Purwokerto, Cilacap, and Purbalingga.

On every Eid al-Fitr Eid Tourism Week was held to capture the duck race events, performances and games agility dangdut children.

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