Thursday, March 24, 2011

Reservoir Seloromo Starch

Seloromo Reservoir is a reservoir located on the eastern slopes of Mount Muria. Administratively, the reservoir is contained in sub Gembong Pati regency, Central Java province, Indonesia. Reservoir was first created by the Dutch colonial government in about 1930. West of the reservoir is also contained Rowo Mountain Reservoir, which is one supplier of water to this reservoir.

Reservoirs, mostly located in the village district Gembong Gembong Pati regency, is now a source of income for the village and surrounding Gembong. Aside from being a source of irrigation for agricultural land (paddy field) in the district and sub​​-districts Gembong around like Wedarijaksa, Juwana, Tlogowungu, and Pati also used as a location for freshwater fish farming.

Located right in the middle of the capital district so easily accessible, making this location as one of the alternative attractions in Pati regency. Also around the reservoir area is also frequently used as a place to camp

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