Sunday, March 6, 2011

Reservoir Tlatar Boyolali

Tlatar Reservoir is located in Hamlet Village Tlatar Kebonbimo Boyolali district with the distance from the town about 4 km to the north.

Nuances natural charm lies with the Village Cultural background and water is abundant, delicious aroma of fresh water fish dishes are served either fried or grilled fish and sit back while it is refreshing in Tourism recreation Tlatar.

This bath is a bath for the family. Each two-day event held before the month of fasting Padusan. Padusan ceremony was also held in Bannerman Pengging and Pantaran. This event aims to purify themselves before carrying out fasting.

There are 2 baths, namely:

* Baths Bannerman Pengilon
* Baths Bannerman Asem

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