Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bannerman Lake Pule

Pule pennant is a very clear lake that supposedly according to a story water never receded despite the long dry season comes, so that water released by the springs Umbul by local villagers used to develop business in the agriculture and fisheries. In addition, spring water from the taps here are also used to meet water demand in East Banyuwangi.Jawa District.

Business development of mineral water from the fountain of Bannerman is preceded by a water company also began to get a good response from the community.
A modern swimming pool was built near the main pool complete with park and campground. If visitors want to take a bath in the main pool Umbul but can not swim because it is deep enough, visitors can rent a tire as a buoy in the stalls around the lake.

Towards Tourism Bannerman Pule:
From sub-tiles to the north as far as 7 kilometers to the district Sempu.
From sub Sempu Sumbergondo continued toward the village, district of Glenmore 3 km past the station and the station Sumberwadung Kalisetail henceforth follow the directions to the location.

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