Friday, April 29, 2011

Beach Mayangkara

Mayangkara Beach Village is located in the Gulf District billowing pond Gresik, East Java. The location is 500 m from the highway Sangkapura - Fishpond making it very easy to achieve. According to researchers from The Netherlands, The beauty and feel of the beach is the equivalent of beach Pataya in Bangkok - Thailand.

The main road has been paved to a location along the coast, visitors can enjoy panoramic views of offshore sea with blue. This location is known as a meeting place for teenagers to remove missed. In addition to beautiful, this beach has a high historical value because the wife of Sunan Giri named Siti Zaenab became the first man landed and found this beach and here again the long-haired Siti Zaenab the devoted loyalty to Sunan Giri.

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