Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bung Karno Library

International class library is situated in the south together with the Tomb complex on Jalan Bung Sukarno namely Kalasan no. 1 Blitar, East Java. Bung Karno Library is managed by the National Library through UPT Bung Karno Library (PPBK) in the city of Blitar. Besides the library building, is filled with 2 PPBK artwork, in the form of Bung Karno's statue which is located in the middle of building A floor 1, as well as wall reliefs contain Bung Karno life journey that spans the edge of the pool from the library to the tomb.

Relief that will tell you about Bung Karno in youth, in the struggle, and in his old age. The presence of Bung Karno Library in Blitar City is an icon of a strategic, in addition to increasing the resources available in the city of Blitar is also strategic in the circuit realizing the Indonesian nation and character building. Bung Karno Library functions as a study center will contribute to Indonesia's human development, with contributions in the form of "wisdom of the past" that was unearthed from the idea of ​​Bung Karno, the results of studies in general.

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