Sunday, April 3, 2011

Curug Cipendok

Cipendok waterfall located in the village of Middle Reef Cilingok district, about 15 km west of Navan Town. These natural attractions in the form of a waterfall with a height of 92 m, surrounded by natural scenery and beautiful forests. The origin of the name Curug Cipendok has its own story. When after the Diponegoro War, the Dutch colonial government commissioned Wedana Ajibarang named R. Ranusentika work corvee cleared the forest on the slopes of this mountain. To dispel boredom and fatigue, he went fishing in a waterfall that underneath there is a niche or a deep pool.

When the hook is directed to the pool, R. Ranusentika felt tip of the hook pulled by a fish that big, but when the end of the hook pulled, rather than a big fish caught hook, but a dagger sheath pendok or golden yellow that caught the eye hook. Since then the waterfall is named Curug Cipendok.

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