Monday, April 18, 2011

Mount Image Gunung Kidul

Mount Image is an object of spiritual tourism in the village of Hamlet Wonosari Jurangjero Ngawen District. Mount image with a height of 200 meters above sea level, which, from its peak to see the beauty of the Swamp Jombor in Klaten and Reservoir Elephant Mungkur in Wonogiri. Data from the history is known that Mount Image is a place imprisoned Raden Mas Said / Prince Samber Nyowo during the war against the Dutch. In this place he was sitting on a stone (Watu Kong), which is still tamapk in Mount Pictures, and devise strategies to fight the Dutch. Petilasan was formed on the Islamic period. Raden Mas Said received revelation palace at the time imprisoned in Mount Pictures around the XVIII century, then became ruler of Surakarta with a degree KGPAA Mangkunegaran Mangkunegara I. Goa is a place imprisoned until now still sacred by the community. On any given day pilgrimage many people, especially at a time before the ceremony tirakatan sadranan, many filled by people who come from far away to ask something.

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