Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pandavas Water World Sukoharjo

Tourist attraction called the Pandavas Water World (PWW) is located just 1 mile south of the city of Solo. If the Jl Tanjung Anom, Solo toward the south, within a few minutes, visitors will arrive at the location.

Investing to build this PWW unsparing. Cost about USD 50 billion. Fund of that's not including the price of land covering 2.7 acres,''said Commissioner of PT Pondok Permai Solo, Kunto Harjono.

Coupled with its expansion plans, the funds will be disbursed twice. Park water world is not a regular pool, but swimming pool with a variety of games, the more adventurous. Visitor attractions are expected to not only domestic tourists, but also abroad.

Entering this tourist attraction, visitors are immediately looking at the world in the size of a giant puppet. Statue pandawa five built to beautify the landscape is made in large sizes. Krishna looks dashing 37 meters tall adorn the artificial cave beneath a pond surrounded by stagnant water.

To his right, Satria Pringgodani Raden Gatotkaca in a position to fly as if dropped from space. In front Gatotkaca, aka Bima Sena holding a cudgel Rujakpolo as if alert to face the enemy.

Not far from Bima, Arjuna with his delicate face, but always alert, ready to remove the arrow from his bow.

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