Sunday, April 17, 2011

Parang Beach Kusumo

Parang Beach Kusumo is this beach located west Parangtritis, Bantul, Yogyakarta. Have a natural beauty that is not inferior to the beach Parangtritis. Also near this beach there are 2 rocks in the fence surrounding concrete. Sacred places by people around the Cepuri known.
The visitors should not be arbitrarily and out of the region petilasan Senopati Panembahan this. They are required to remove the pedestal feet before entering the territory Cepuri and should not be noisy. The visitors most of the pilgrims who came from various regions. They come with different intentions, there is a wish quickly to mate, want to be rich, add prestige and so forth.
Places are open every day and most crowded visitors on Tuesday night and Friday POND POND still save a lot of mystery. As told by the caretaker leader Cepuri, many pilgrims have possessed. Largely because they violate the rules and have bad intentions. "This proves the greatness of God and as a gesture to human so as not to be arrogant and not 'adigang, adigung, Adiguna' to all of God's creation,"advises Surakso Tarwono as caretaker leader Cepuri.

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