Thursday, April 14, 2011

Radya Library Museum

Radya Museum Library was built on October 28, 1980 by Duke Kanjeng Sosrodiningrat IV, during the reign of Dalem Pepatih Pakubowono Pakubowono IX and X lies in the way of protocol Slamet Riyadi, in complex Sriwedari Cultural Park, Surakarta.

Library Board Paheman Radya marked appreciation of the initiator of the establishment of this museum to immortalize her name, in the building east of the museum with the name WALIDYASANA, combination of the words Walidi and Asana (place). This building land is bought by Sri Paku Susuhunan Buwana X worth of 65 thousand Dutch gulden from John Busselaar under deed 13/VII tanaheigendom number 10 in 1877. To appreciate K.R.A. Sosrodiningrat IV, then made his statue placed in the middle of the museum formerly known as Loji Kadipolo.

Filler items from the museum's many Kasunanan Surakarta Palace, Kepatihan, from the purchase, from GPH Hadiwijaya, and donations from other participants.
Tools ancient gamelan, gamelan-like piano organ, a collection of ancient money, the head of an ancient boat, including the giant Rajamalaberkepala, various kinds of puppets, various kinds of ancient statues from stone and bronze, various kinds of umbrellas and others on display in this museum. Many would-be scholars who collect material from the museum's thesis. Even some foreign scholars also learn the Java language, cultural history writing material for a book of this museum.
Sriwedari Cultural Park on Jl. Slamet Riyadi.
Museum Hours:
Tuesday - week (08:30 to 13:00) PM source:

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