Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tomb of Sheikh Bela-Belu Bantul

Here there are two tombs, namely: Sheikh Bela Belu and Damiakik. Historically, Sheikh Bela Belu is a viable member of the Majapahit empire spread the religion of Islam. As scholars Bela Belu often move move before settling in this place, sampal died.

This is the same age tomb tomb of Sheikh Maghribi age. In this place also found statues and statue of Prince Bull, which no longer intact, and is expected to relate to the tomb. This tomb is located on top of Bull Hill, reached by stairs surrounded by a fence as wide as 1.60 m high wall 1.50 m. Buildings that are here are the offerings, a key interpreter, warehouses, and where tirakat or nenepi. The event which is often done here is a pilgrimage and Tirakatan Night One Suro. Management handled the Sultan's Palace.

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