Saturday, April 16, 2011

Waterford Jumprit

Jumprit (HOLY WATER MAKING Vesak) is a tourist attraction on the mountain's spiritual Sindoro natural panorama of mountains and cool air campground. This place is closely connected with the legend of Majapahit Kyai astrologers is written in the fiber Chentini. There jumprit springs near the tomb of Ki Jumprit.
JUMPRIT (HOLY WATER MAKING Vesak)) pilgrims do meditation which is usually followed by a bath kungkum, throwing panties, bras as a symbol of eliminating pesky. Jumprit Water Water is also used as a Blessing for Holy Tri Vesak ceremony every year. Located on the western district Ngadirjo, a distance of 28 km from Waterford city. Road until the location is already paved so the trip is quite fun while enjoying the potential of Agro. Provided guesthouse to stay and you can enjoy the air and can enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery of sunrise.

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