Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Aik Waterfall Temer / Sweet Orange East Lombok

The location of this waterfall is located in the village of Yellow Flower Sikur District adjacent to Tete Batu village. This waterfall is located at the foot of Rinjani mountain at an altitude of 600-1000 meters above the sea surface air temperature between 15'-25 'C. This waterfall has a height of about 40 meters, supported by beautiful mountain scenery and wildlife in the form of wild monkeys. This place also has two streams of interest for those who like adventure. According to stories handed down, this waterfall is believed to help cure various diseases, especially to nourish hair. For the purposes of treatment of this disease is usually done with a traditional ritual led by a Stakeholder.

Being in the conservation area of Mount Rinjani National Park, in this place was not built support facilities. In addition to enjoying the atmosphere and unspoiled mountain scenery, a trip of about 1 km as far as the gate must also be traversed by foot. But we can travel at the same time learning because in every tree we pass the name of trees and plants installed as well as Latin names.

source: lomboktimurkab.go.id

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