Sunday, May 15, 2011

Badung Market

Badung Market is the largest traditional market in Denpasar. This market is located on Jl. Gajah Mada, ± 1 km west from Denpasar City Center (Statue Chess Front). Badung Market provides a variety of needs, be it basic, traditional food, goods, Balinese art and so forth.

Badung Market is visited by many tourists, besides they can watch the process of buying and selling of the merchant to the buyer who still impressed traditional bargaining where there is a transaction, the power suun (carrying merchandise) and so forth, they also can enjoy a culinary tour tradsional and buy various goods Balinese handicrafts.

Badung market has a daily operating time in which open from early morning until late at night. Even to say that this market will never quiet visitors because of operational time almost reached 24 hours a day.

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