Monday, May 16, 2011

Badung Tourism Village Baha

About 4 miles east of Pura Taman Ayun, there is a traditional village named "Baha". Most of these villagers are as laborers and sharecroppers / owner of the land, so they must be manners /
Subak members, an organization that regulates the distribution of water for agricultural irrigation. Community subak in this village has a community hall Subak-called "Subak Lepud Hall", which is used as a meeting place and
various ceremonies related to agriculture. Another uniqueness that can be found in this village is the entrance to the house of each family are uniform with a combination of traditional architecture
Bali, so as to give the impression for tourists. Pura village located in the southern region of this village with ancient carvings decorated is also a very interesting object for half a day dikunjungi.Tour
with the ultimate goal of Tanah Lot can be packaged in such a way to begin visits in Sangeh Ape Forest, then to the Baha Traditional Village, Taman Ayun passing lane rural roads that are still beautiful.

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