Saturday, May 14, 2011

Beach Prigi

Prigi Beach is located about 48 km south of Psychology, precisely in Desa Tasik Madu, District Watulimo. Although the beach is also where the auction and fish processing, but the beach Prigi very long and has a unique beauty compared with the white sandy beach karanggongso. This beach has a yellow sand. Local Government of East Java has been developing this area as the largest fish auction place on the south coast of Java island. So that economic activity in the area even this increase.

In the vicinity of the beach grow small shops, although the situation is still chaotic, but you who like to eat a typical Java will find it here. Some even offer a souvenir shop, in the form of the work of the shellfish. Also available are rental boats will take you around the beach to enjoy the scenery around the beaches and cliffs from the sea.
A few hundred meters from the beach Prigi, there are several hotels and inns that the price is relatively cheap.

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