Sunday, May 8, 2011

Candi Lor

Lor Temple is temple building made of red brick monument believed to be the embryo of the establishment of district Nganjuk which is commemorated every 10th of April every year. Lor Temple is located in the village Candirejo, sub Loceret, Nganjuk district, East Java.

From the inscription Anjuk field, it is known that the MPU Sindok, the Mataram Hindu king who holds Sri Sri Maharaja Rakai Isyana Wikrama Dharmottunggadewa ordered Hinu Sahasra, Rakai Rakai Kanuruhan Baliswara and 937 in the year to build a sacred building called Srijayamerta as a sign of the determination area Anjuk Farm (now called Nganjuk) as an autonomous area for services Anjuk citizens in the battle field.

In the area of ​​the temple there are 2 graves Lor Abdi Dalem Kinasih MPU Sindok called Kerto grandparent and grandparent Kerti, and a billowing tree which has grown since 1866, known from the writings Hoepermans.

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