Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hot Water Prataan

Hot Water Prataan Being in the woods in the area who entered in the subdistrict of Parengan, Tuban in East Java. That is about 5 km from center Parengan district. Conditions around hot springs are still very natural once the form of forests that are still natural with trees that shade.

Distance Prataan hot spring about 45 km west from the town of Tuban. The water temperature reached 56 degrees Celsius, with very high sulfur content can cure various skin diseases such as hives and others. If you want to come to pass route-Montong-Tanggulangin Tuban, so it can be entertained with a moor landscapes, rice fields and teak forests. It also can take route-Jatirogo Tuban Tuban-or-Bojonegoro parengan-Parengan.

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