Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pacitan wasp Cave

According to the story surrounding community, wasp cave was discovered by Kyai Santiko who lost their cattle, but the bull finally came to the cave. Cows do not want to get out of the cave, because storing water from the roots on it a lot. Once the underbrush has been cleared, I was raised by Raden Bagus Joko Lelono and a daughter of Raden Ayu Mardilah.

Wasp Cave located on the southwestern coast of East Java, is the interior of the cave emmense wasp. This cave is called a wasp because it sounds like local musicians playing songs with striking lomesone stalactites that resonate in perfect pitch for music.

The cave itself is very spectacular, stalagmites varilored reaching upward as high as 50 meters to the pendant stalagtites formed by water dripping from the roof.

This is called a wasp cave because if arranged will produce sound like music rhythm Java (gamelan). Cave wasp was originally known as the cave Tapan because since the front is applied by the Chevaliers for some meditation like; Sanggargenu, Bambang Trigo. Wareng village legend Bull Wareng recognized cause a descendant of Sultan of Yogyakarta. It is told also in 1825 happening Diponegoro war, Raden Bull Wareng show patriotic spirit against colonized by Diponegoro.

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