Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Petilasan Sri Aji Joyoboyo

Sri Aji Petilasan tourist attraction located in the village of Wayne Joyoboyo Ceiling Kediri regency, East Java, about ± 8 km to the east of the town of Kediri. Be the place where Sri Aji Joyoboyo Loka Mukso physically inferior to it. Sri Aji Joyoboyo is the King of Kediri in XII century and is famous for the book "Jongko Joyoboyo" which contains the estimated cases in the future. Each 1 Suro in custom made ​​by the Foundation Hontodento - Yogyakarta along with the government of Kediri District. These attractions visitors can see the kingdom of Kediri heritage buildings, such as where mukso, buildings halls - halls and kuluk 4 meters high.

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