Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Pulaki located in the village of Banyu Poh, Grokgak Buleleng District about 49 km west of Singaraja. Pulaki name better known than pura dalem because the real toss toss Dalem is a unity of Pulaki. By reviewing the history of establishment Pulaki closely related to that conducted by the Travel Tirtayatera Nirartha on the island of Bali in the reign of King Gelgel, Dalem Waturenggong 1460 - 1552 AD.
Pulaki function is as a shrine to worship and adore the greatness Sanghyang Widhi soul that reaches Sri Patni Kaniten moksa. Pulaki classified as Jagat and Pura Dang Goda Goda as it relates to Nirartha
source: www.bulelengkab.go.id

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