Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pura Blanjong

Blanjong temple located at Banjar Blanjong, Kauh Sanur Village, South Denpasar District. This temple consists of two pages of the pages in (innards) and outer page (jabaan). Pura attraction Blanjong one of them is the existence of the inscription Blanjong archaeological heritage.

Blanjong inscription is an inscription that includes the oldest written history on the island of Bali. Inscription Rock is made of stone, stone or pillar-shaped pillar with height 1.77 m, 0.62 m diameter.

At the top berntuk lotus flower (lotus). Inscription uses two languages ​​and two letters, so-called bilingual inscription of the northwest side there are six lines of writing with letters Pranegari and use the language of ancient Balinese (Kawi) and on the southeast side there are thirteen lines of writing with letters and use Ancient Balinese Sanskrit. This inscription was discovered by Stutterheim around the year 1930.

In this inscription mentioned Walidwipa word, which is the designation for the island of Bali. This inscription bertarikh 913 M, and issued by a king named Bali Sri Kesari Warmadewa.

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