Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Reservoir Gondang

Gondang Reservoir is located in the village of Gondang Lor and adjacent to the Village District Court Deket Sugio, about 19 ​​km to the west of the city Lamongan, East Java. Besides its primary function as a place of irrigation for rice fields and aquaculture communities Lamongan, Godang reservoirs also serve as a place of tourist attraction.

Tourist place full of trees, also equipped with children's play facilities, camping grounds, a mini zoo, inhabited by deer, Forest People, Ape, Garuda bird, the Peacock, Snakes and other wildlife. In reservoirs Gondang there are also boat tours, bicycle water that can be used to surround the reservoir while enjoying the beauty of the hills and trees of teak, and the means of fishing for those who like fishing. Not far from there is the tomb of Goddess Gondang Reservoir Sekardadu, daughter of Duke Blambangan / Banyuwangi that diperistri by Maulana Kanjeng Isaac.

Gondang and surrounding communities, known as the Graveyard Goddess Graveyard Mbok Sekardadu Gondang Rondo as the mother of Johnny Samudro or Sunan Giri. The tomb is located on the east side of the road Gondang reservoir was discovered in 1911, then carried out the restoration in 1917.

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