Monday, May 16, 2011

Sangeh Badung

Sangeh is the name of a village in northern desanya.ditumbuhi nutmeg trees covering 14 hectares and is inhabited by hundreds of monkeys. Nutmeg tree like that can not be found elsewhere in Bali and their existence in this Sangeh a mystery. A small temple covered with green moss on the sidelines of the hidden forest of towering nutmeg it. On the back of a temple pillar in carving statues of Garuda, a mythical bird in the story is told is looking tirta Samudramantana Amrita at the bottom of the ocean, then for his services by Betara Vishnu, was awarded a sip of her, eventually became the vehicle loyal Bathara Garuda Wisnu.

Another legend tells us that these forest-dwelling monkey that fatigue is a soldier in the battle to kill Ravana. Monkeys fell along with bungkahan mountains and forests that used to rest on the body of Ravana then settled in the forest.

Another story also said that a royal princess named Barry Mengwi in love, failed to become engaged, finally fled to nearby woods and became a hermit.

In the flight that he was not wearing any piece of clothing, so had to wear long hair to cover part of her most forbidden. He failed to realize his dream and died in a mysterious.

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