Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sanur Beach

Tourism Objects Sanur Beach is a beach because the beach is the historic beach where the landing of the Dutch royal troops when the Dutch attacked the Badung region during the colonial era.

Sanur Beach is a place of wayfaring famous tourist island of Bali. This place is located just east of Denpasar, the capital of Bali. Sanur located in the Municipality of Denpasar.

Among tourism, Sanur beach was first introduced by the Belgian painter named AJ Le Mayeur and his wife Ni Polok who settled in Sanur since 1937. In 1963 tourism stretching more so with the establishment of Sanur Bali Beach Hotel (now The Inna Grand Bali Beach) which is the first hotel built in Bali. Until now this area is still one of the major tourist destinations in the city of Denpasar.
In an effort to increase the attractiveness of tourist area of Sanur, since 2006, implemented the Sanur Village Festival. Sanur Village Festival is an annual event which regularly held in Sanur. This event is initiated by communities of Sanur, the Sanur Development Foundation and be supported by the Government of Denpasar.

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