Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Secret Beach Ketewel

Ketewel Secret Beach is located on the roadside by pass Tohpati - Kusamba, Ketewel Village, Gianyar Bali, many surfers are hunted either inside or abroad. This beach is called Secret Beach was once considering no one knows the potential of this coastal waves, which either used as a place to surf. A surfer from Sanur find Secret beach. In 1988, along with two fellow surfers of Kuta. They summoned the courage to try out the waves on the beach. Secret Beach at that time was still very natural. Before the by pass-Kusamba Tohpati there, to reach the beach, we first have to go through the terminal Batubulan. From Batubulan, travel and then forwarded to the rice fields until arriving at the housing complex not far from the beach. Vehicle then parked in the housing and then continued the journey on foot through the fields. By surfers Sanur, the beaches of Sanur is then given the name Secret Point. In further development, this increasingly crowded beach visited by the tourists along with the rapid number of visiting tourists, especially Japanese tourists visiting Bali. Year 1994-1995 is already crowded beach by surfers, especially surfers from Japan brought by surfers from Sanur in 1996.

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