Saturday, May 7, 2011

Square Mojokerto

The square in Mojokerto, located in downtown, for the citizens of the City of Mojokerto and its surroundings is a place of recreation as well as leisure facilities for families at weekends. From the morning until the evening, the town square had never deserted from the various activities.

In the morning, many students take advantage of this place to do sporting activities or as a means of playing. Kala late afternoon, local people, particularly teenagers, use of field-aloon Aloon for football activities, this is a very festive. And when dusk arrived, dozens of street vendors to earn a fortune by selling various wares until midnight.

That is the portrait of the City Square, who never deserted by a variety of activities from morning until night. You can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere at the grass field lesehan aloon-aloon by holding the base mat for rent and various snacks at affordable prices and tasty.

In areas outside the town square will we find a typical vehicle that is leased Mojokerto city and railroad carts rabbits with routes around the town square and around the town of Mojokerto.

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