Saturday, May 14, 2011

Waterfall Nglirip

Waterfall attractions "Nglirip" is located in district territory Singgahan, ± 35 KM southwest of the City of East Tuban.Jawa. To reach this site visitors who do not use private cars to use public transportation. There are two transport routes, namely:
Route Montong: namely taking public transportation from the terminal with majors Montong Tuban, which is then followed by the rise of the vehicle Jojogan majors. "Nglirip" located between Montong - Jojogan, so that visitors can immediately see if this route.

Route Singgahan: ie from Terminal Tuban majors Jatirogo bus, this bus terminal will transit in the District. Bojonegoro who then proceed to the main goal, Jatirogo. If visitors choose this route, you can get off at junction "Show Down" - Jojogan. From here, Nglirip only is less than one kilo meter. If you are not lazy, you can walk up to the Nglirip, or ride transit Montong majors.

Arriving here you will find a very charming scenery, from the street alone you can see the water falling from the cliff on which there is a small bridge. For those of you who want to flow down the bottom of the waterfall please be careful, because the streets will be very slippery path, especially in the rainy season.

What appears to the eye if it is under the waterfall Nglirip is the swift water falling freely from a height of approximately 25 M, one more thing if you watch carefully that there is a fairly large cave behind this waterfall. A long time ago believed to be the place of meditation for the ancestors of knowledge is high, there is also a saying in this cave used to have a woman who awaits her lover until now, of course, his spirit lives alone. Residents around believe that any time these women will come out to shop, but people who know no form of this woman.

If you are towards the east of the location of the waterfall, you'll get the location of natural water sources (kerawak) that came out with a rush on the banks of rivers. Surely you want to bathe-ria. This location is still very natural, yet there is any building, and once again to be careful because the sudden floods can come suddenly, especially in the rainy season.

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