Monday, June 13, 2011

17 Sea Island Nature Tourism Riung

17 Sea Island Nature Tourism Riung Riung located in the District, north of Regency Ngada. Distance from the capital Bajawa Ngada District: 75 km, can be reached during the 2 1 / 2 hours by public transport or private. Marine Park is partially located in the mainland territory of the island of Flores and partly in the waters of the bay Riung with scattered islands are very beautiful.

Located in the waters Tadho Village, Castle Village, Central Village Nangamese, Lengkosambi, Village and Village petroleum Sambinasi Riung District. In this area there are 17 large and small islands are located close to each other. The islands is the island of Pata, Bangko, Rutong, Bampa, SUA, Barbadensis, Mborong, Kolong, Ontoloe, Sui, Wire, Tables, Wawi, Stone, Taor, Laingjawa, Wingkureo. The islands can be seen with around by Speedboat for approximately two and a half hours. The waters in this region has some types of hard and soft corals, and there is also a stained-hued ornamental fish. All of the beauty beneath the link can be enjoyed with the naked eye from the boat at sea in a state of calm in the morning at around 5:00 a.m. to 06:00.
If tourists want to enjoy the beauty beneath the sea directly, it can take advantage of diving equipment available in the House of Enchantment Riung.
In the area of ​​land of this region there is usually a rare giant lizard called Mbou by local people, or usually called also Mbou Riung. Riung Mbou this same kind as the Varanus komodoensis on Komodo Island, only more interesting color. In addition, there is still a stretch of white sand on the island Rutong and Thousand Island Bats Ontoloe attract enough visitors.

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