Monday, June 13, 2011

Beach Nemberala

Beach Nemberala in District Rote. Sightseeing is already well known not only tourists from the State Kangaroo (Australia) but also widely known by American tourists, European and so on mileage from the capital Ba'a about 30 km with a bus or a microbus is quite comfortable and supported with road conditions are adequate. Panorama and privileges Nemberala Beach - Bo'a because the sea waves, known as "Wave" which is perfect for travelers doing sports surfing (surfing) fractions to the right of the Southwest. This beach is known for its beautiful white sand and the waves were very nice and charming and attractive with 8 times the roll of a challenge for surfers. Rote Ndao Regional Government in collaboration with organizations Bali doing international surfing contest held in September-October each year.

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