Sunday, June 26, 2011

deadlocked Matabing

Attractions are in Sub andes Matabing Larompong about 27 miles south of the city Belopa, Luwu, South Sulawesi. Matabing clogged with characteristic blend of mountain and coastal scenery, with area approximately 2 acres that has been equipped with tourist facilities of Villa, Cottage, Gasebo (galampang), Hall (Baruga), children's play area, Mosque, as well as jetsky water sports facilities. Matabing dead end is also very much in demand by tourists. Matabing dead end side street in the eastern Trans-Sulawesi is a tourist attraction that has a quite stunning beauty. So since it opened a tourist area, many residents who visit the recreation area masyaarakat both local and from neighboring counties Wajo, Sidrap, North Luwu Palopo and some even came from the province of Southeast Sulawesi Kolaka well as a number of foreign tourists.

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