Sunday, June 19, 2011

Goa Baramban

Goa Tourism objects Baramban is the longest and largest caves in South Kalimantan, which is divided into three fractions, namely Bat Cave, Goa Water, and Goa top. Goa Tourism objects Baramban located in the Village District Miawa Piani 16 km from Overseas. Baramban this famous tourist attraction until the exit area Piani District. Because quite interesting which is a scenic limestone hills with white limestone. Each cave can be lived with Baramban takes approximately 1 hour and tourists should also bring lighting equipment. In Goa this Baramban flowing water, so the cave that reaches about 60 meters wide with tinggai about 50 meters to 250 meters long and seem more beautiful and cool. Moreover, clear water flowing in the bottom of the cave is flowing slowly, so that the melodious chant of water came splashing a few feet from the mouth of the cave. One cave that is Goa Water, half-aisle filled with water that reaches a height 1.2 meters or adult chest height.

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