Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hot Water Baths Tanuhi

Hot Water Baths Tanuhi Loksado Mountains located in the valley. At his side of the river rapids flowing crystal clear and surrounded by verdant plants. To get to the tourist sites Tanuhi Hot water bathing is very easy, because it can be reached by road. The distance is 30 kilometers from the center of South River Kandangan Hulu regency, South Kalimantan. You can use private cars as well as rural transportation available in the City Kandangan. Right at the fork in the Upper Village Banyu, turn left after going through an ironwood bridge. From the junction is only about 400 meters, is located right in the mountain valleys Loksado. From the entrance, there is a concrete bridge connecting the road to the tourist sites. Clearly visible from the bridge the river with rapids unspoiled charm of a society that is still natural. In addition to hot water bathing place, in this Tanuhi You can also stay to enjoy the cool air in the valley Loksado this nature in the morning. Here are building a house with a mini-called typical building cottages. There are 10 pieces of cottages available for visitors who want to stay or rest.
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