Monday, June 20, 2011

Hot Water Hantakan

Tourism Hot Water Hantakan within 14 miles of the city Barabai Upper Middle River. True to its name in these places there are hot springs. There are several hot tubs used for bathing and soaking. Sulfur content contained in this hot water can heal skin diseases considered. Adjacent to the hot tubs are pools of water (usually) that can be used kids to swim. Tourism is Rapai visited people at a holiday or holidays, whether visitors who come from the region and outside the region. Hot Water Hantakan tourist attraction also features a fishing pond. Some hobbyist associations often hold a fishing competition fishing in this pond. Another facility located in Hot Water Hantakan attractions include lodging, gazebo, dressing room and toilet. There are also stalls serving simple main menu of freshwater fish and stalls that sell a range of medicinal plants.

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